Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hug and learn animal globe

This soft, interactive globe features 2 great ways to learn!
Babies roll the globe to hear songs about the world, toddlers press seven different continents to discover animal names, sounds and more.
Develops Motor skills, music creativity and imagination and all in a rewarding learning experience. Music stimulates a newborn's brain, creating pathways for future learning, such as speech. Exposing children to music also enhances long-term ability to perform higher brain mathematical functions, and it encourages movement, self-expression and social interactions.
Also develops Reading and Language in speech, listening, reading; and writing, including spelling and vocabulary.
Product Description
Appox diameter 18cms. Age: 6 months +
Used in good condition

Leapfrog Learnng Drum

Editorial Review
When it comes to musical instruments, the drum is arguably one of the easiest to play: just give it a smack. Fortunately, LeapFrog has created a drum that's sure to provide ongoing delight. It's an electronic instrument with four different settings. When set to "ABC," each pat of the drum displays a letter on the drum's top while a friendly voice says the letter out loud. The letters are sequential, so the drummer learns the alphabet. The "123" option works in a similar way. There are also options for musical notes and a traditional drum sound. An off control and two volume settings will be welcomed by parents who are sure to hear this drum being played with repeatedly. If the young drummer pauses for a while, the friendly voice plays a little song or asks to be played with again. --John Moe
Product Description
This unique drum can teach children the alphabet and numbers through simple cause and effect tapping. As children hit the drum with their hand, a letter or number appears in lights on the drum top. When hit again, the next consecutive letter or number appears. For each hit, the letter or number is spoken and music is played, reinforcing a child for his efforts. The drum will verbally prompt a child to play. During play, the drum will remember where the child left off, so the next hit will be in order, not back at the beginning. Turn off and on again to start at the beginning, if desired. This drum features four modes of play and two levels of volume. 3 AA batteries required.

Used in good condition. Functions well.