Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lego toy

Good for baby. BAby will like it. Can be hang unto the cod or just fold it into triangle. It's in good condition. It's 9.5/10.
Price : RM24.90
SPECIAL : 19.00 only

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kiddieland Laptop

All buttons works great. From the bird to the piano all works well. Nothing spoilt. Very colurful. Music sounds good too.. Good for toddler.
Price : RM55.00
SPECIAL : RM45.00 only
Status : available

Monday, February 22, 2010

vtech little smart baby's first computer

Your toddler will enjoy this. All buttons function well.
Only for RM39.90

Kick N learn Piano

Editorial Review
Parents who responded to piano lessons by kicking the instrument may appreciate this toy as much as a baby will. Two ties hang it from the side of the crib, five "keys" on the soft cover conceal five buttons, and colored shapes above each "key" light up when they are hit or kicked. In one mode, the five "keys" play individually, like piano keys; in another, they play a medley of 10 tunes; in a third, they sound out animal names, numbers, and other concepts that are keyed to the pattern on the cover. The Kick 'n' Learn Piano includes an on/off switch, auto off, and high/low volume control. Requires three AA batteries. --Richard Farr
Product Description
What a great way to encourage baby's natural kicking motion! When baby touches or kicks the piano, music and sounds play as twinkling lights dance along to each song. Different settings help baby learn letters, animal names and sounds, shapes, colors, and numbers. And when baby is ready for concerts outside the crib, the keys play notes like a piano! Easy attach crib straps, on/off switch and volume control, and automatic shut-off.

Every buttons works great. Colours very bright. Not faded.

vtech little smart learning center

The VTech Little Smart Learning Center has is constructed of hard plastic and is very sturdy. It is about 1 1/2 feet long and 8 inches high so it does not take up much space. This toy is made sort of like a desk so your child can put his legs underneath it. This toy has 8 different activities and 3 of the 8 have 2 different modes of play. The ActivitiesThere are four different animals on this learning center, there is a bunny, a cat, a squirrel and a dog. When each of them are pushed it tells you the name of the animal. If you have this toy set to the other mode it will make a noise that corresponds with the animal. The bunny makes a hopping sound, the dog barks, the cat meows and the squirrel plays a tune. I am not sure why the put the squirrel on this toy since they did not have a sound for it to make but it is still very cute.The next activity is a butterfly; the butterflies’ wings have different patterns on them to stimulate the child’s sense. You can flip the page like wings to find 6 patterns in all. My son seems to be really into turning pages right so he really likes this.Above this there is a cylinder with pictures of the sky on it, when you spin it, it plays a part of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!On the top left hand corner there is a telephone with four different buttons, each button has a picture on it of a family member. There is the mother, father, brother and sister. When you press a button it tells you what member of the family it is. When this toy is in its musical mode it plays a short tune when a button is pressed. Some of the songs are all around the mulberry bush and Hush little baby. There is also a blue phone that is detachable.Next there is a screen that has three different means of transportation; a airplane, a sailboat and a car. There are three corresponding buttons that are shapes. There is a Red Triangle with the letter A, green circle with the letter B and a blue square with the letter C. When you press a button when the toy is in musical mode it tells you what shape it is and plays a short tune, when in the other mode it tells you the type of transportation and makes a noise that this would make.On the top right corner there is 4 musical notes that have the numbers 1-4 on them. When pressed in musical mode it will make sounds like a keyboard, (I can play the first verse of where is Thumbkin on this!) on the other mode it will tell you what number that is.Underneath the music notes there is a wheel that has a part cut out so you can see pictures underneath of sea life. When you spin this it makes a really neat sound!On the bottom of this toy there are busy bead type things with a mirror underneath I think that this is the least played with part by my son and I don’t really like it much either because It can be quite a pain to get pieces of cookies out of here.Overall I would say that VTech did a wonderful job of making this toy. The activities are great for young babies but are not boring for older ones either. My son just turned 11 months old today and still finds this toy as enjoyable as the first day he received it. The Little Smart Learning Center also is wonderful because it teaches your children numbers, letters, shapes, colors, patterns and names of objects. My son has just started saying cat and since he has never seen a real one he must have learned it from his VTech.

Only the blue phone is missing.. Others works great. As it is.

Leapster TV learning system

From the Manufacturer
Leapster TV™ brings all the fun and learning of the Leapster learning game library to younger kids! This educational game console connects to the TV and works with the entire library of Leapster games that teach essential school skills! An educational game console on the TV, plus a controller with easy-to-use joystick, stylus and touch pad for writing skills .
Product Description
Connect the Leapster TV Learning System to your television; then pop in and play any game in the Leapster Learning Game library. Includes chunky game controller with joystick and stylus.
Requires 4 "C" batteries, not included.
It's in good condition. Works well. If you need the adapter, please let me know.
SOLD, Thank you

Friday, February 19, 2010


it's very new. The whole book is hard cover. Great for younger children too.

Puzzle book

Nice book to read and puzzle too. Good condition.

Avent sterliser

It's a used item, but still look new. Very very clean. Comes with manual, box and 2 packets of descaling sachet.
Price : SOLD!

budz interctive learning laptop

Budz Interactive Learning Laptop
Laptop and 32 page activity book.
Talks &Teaches
Sleek Potable Design
Teaches, Colours, Shapes & Numbers
Interactive Activities
32 Pages with Clear Verbal Clues to Reinforce Skills
Automatic Shut off Feature
Friendly Voices Fun Melodies & Animated Sounds
Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included).
It's new.
PRICE : RM55.00

LeapFrog Alphabet Pal® Caterpillar

Press one of his 26 feet and listen as your caterpillar Alphabet Pal says the letter, makes the sound or says the color printed on that foot
Four learning modes teach letter names, letter sounds, colors and music
Press the button on Alphabet Pal’s back for a special musical surprise! Pull Alphabet Pal’s string to hear the ABC song!
Develops gross motor, language, auditory, and cognitive skills
Alphabet Pal provides children a fun opportunity for imaginative, self-directed play
Editorial Review
Here's a learning toy that offers kids a wonderful, interactive introduction to the world of letters, sounds, and colors. Alphabet Pal features several ways to play--pull the string and, antennae flashing, the jolly green caterpillar rolls happily along singing the alphabet song. When one of the caterpillar's 26 multicolored alphabet legs is pressed, kids hear the name of that color, letter, or letter sound depending on which mode they choose. Best of all, Alphabet Pal is a parent's friend, too--it's not too loud and turns off by itself when idle. It comes with three demonstration batteries, which should be replaced with regular AA batteries. Made of durable plastic, the toy is 7 by 11.5 inches long. --Marianne Painter
Product Description
Alphabet Pal from LeapFrog has a silly giggle, flashing antennae and a funny walk that are sure to tickle your little one's funny bone! Four learning modes teach letter names, letter sounds, colors and music. When preschoolers press the button on the Alphabet Pal's back, they get a special musical treat! Pull the Alphabet Pal's String to hear the ABC song! For children 12 months and up. Requires 3 AA batteries.
it's in good condition. All buttons functions
Price : RM50.00

Saturday, February 13, 2010

disney baby laptop

It's in very good condition. All buttons function well. Good for children 24 months and above.
Status : Available

Friday, February 12, 2010

IQ Builder talking computer

It's in good condition. No stain. All buttons function well. Your kids will love this.
It cover maths, language, problem solving and music.
1. Find the letter - a random letter appears on the screen and the child has to find it and match it.2. Learn a word - type in a letter and a word which begins with that letter appears and is spoken to the child.
3. First letter - you get a word come up on the screen with the first letter missing. The word is spoken out to the child and you type the first letter in. This game really needs the help of an adult until the child fully understands what to do and is capable of spelling4. Missing Letter - this game is similar to the previous game, except a different letter is missing each time. Adult help is needed on this game too
5. Learn to spell - The child is asked to spell a word. Adult help is required. The words are simple like mum, cat, three. The number of dashes come up with the number of letters in the word to help the child along a bit.
6. Guess the word - Is a sort of anagram game where the letters of the words come up and you have to unscramble then.
7. Learn a number - This game is a simple game where the child presses a number. It comes up on the screen and it is then repeated out loud by the computer. This is an effective way of getting a child to recognise by looking at the number and knowing which one it is.
8. press a number - The computer asks you to press a number. This game is useful to see if a child can recognise their numbers.
9. Find a number - The computer says a number, the child has to look and see where the number is and find it. 10. Counting - On this game a number of triangles come up on the screen. You have to count them and then key in the number. My daughter gets bored easily with this one as there is nothing exciting about it in her opinion.
11. Plus - This is simple mathematics where the child has simple addition sums of 1+3 or 2+2. It is a good way to get the child to start simple addition. Adult help may be required.12. Takeaway - Similar to the addition game, but take away. This is getting the child used to taking away and thinking in the opposite way from what they have just done.
13. Times - This is simple times table work, where the child gets simple multiplication to do. simple ones like 2x2, or 1x5.14. Shoot the letter - A letter appears on the screen and you have to press it. If you are too slow more letters appear on the screen and if you get too many you lose.
15. Compare each other - This is a mathematical one where you get 3 shapes on the screen of different sizes. You are asked to find the biggest or the smallest. 16. Music - there are a number of musical tunes on this one, and when the child chooses them it will play a tune such as BINGO, London bridge, teddy bears picnic and Animal Fair

vsmile 2

It's in good condition. If you need the adapter, do let me know.

Price : RM149.90
Follower : RM139.90
status : Available

Leapfrog my friend Lily Mon Amie

This is in good condition. No tear, no stain. Works well.

My Friend Lilly is LeapFrogs first bilingual plush. like your youngster, Lily has a curious mind, and loves to discover new things. With Lily`s help, your child will learn numbers, counting and colours - in English and French!Squeeze Lily's left foot and she'll sing songs and speak in French; squeeze her foot again and Lily will return to English.
Touch the blue note to hear counting songs. Open the book and count along!
Touch the blue note again to hear a song about colours!
Squeeze her left foot to hear her sing and speak in French!
Numerals with matching sets help your child associate number names with the number of objects they represent.
Colour songs help your child build an understanding of the colour names that are associated with various colourful objects.
Bilingual songs provide early learners with a clear model of both English and French.

Lively lyrics and musical rhythms reinforce counting from 1 to 10.

Early exposure to more than one language makes a difference! Studies have shown that early exposure to the sounds of different languages increases children's language facility later in life. As our world grows smaller, it's increasingly important for children to know the many languages of their friends and neighbours.
Babies are born with the ability to learn language.
Babies aren't just babbling-they are trying to replicate the sounds they hear in order to produce language. By six months of age, babies begin to figure out what certain sound strings mean. For example, they associate 'blue' with a blue stuffed bunny. Up to twenty-four months of age, children's word comprehension and word production increases dramatically. Hearing clear examples of speech automatically helps children learn to comprehend language.
Number knowledge begins at an early age and keeps building over the years! By the time your child reaches preschool age, he or she probably understands that numbers stand for something. But number sense starts even earlier than that. Show a 6-month-old two blocks and then hide one. Chances are that he or she will notice, and begin to understand that objects can be added or subtracted. At about eighteen months, little ones may start reciting the number names in order. They also begin to apply number names to objects in order to count them.
With My Friend LILY Mon Amie, LeapFrog continues its commitment to its youngest learners with another age-appropriate, child-friendly toy that makes learning fun. Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your experience with My Friend LILY Mon Amie:
Let your child explore the toy.
Children learn through their senses. Encourage your child to give Lily a hug, squeeze her arms and legs, and press her tummy. Your youngster is likely to be surprised by the results that come from simply touching this adorable toy.
Children learn through their senses. Encourage your child to give Lily a hug, squeeze her arms and legs, and press her tummy. Your youngster is likely to be surprised by the results that come from simply touching this adorable toy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Maxi cosi cabriofix

It's in good condition. 8/10
Price : RM429.00 with postage
Follower : RM399 with postage
Status : SOLD

vtech laptop 3

it's in good condition
Only for : RM59.00
Status : 1 available
1 sold

Avent sterliser

it's in good condition

only for : RM109.90

Monday, February 8, 2010

vtech pooh acivity able

From the Manufacturer
Oh bother! Busy babies will love the bustling fun waiting for them on the Winnie the Pooh Explore 'n Learn Table. There’s a spinning honeybee, bouncing Tigger, sliding Eeyore, a jolly movable Pooh and five light-up buttons. Set up as a table or place flat on the floor to enhance fine motor skills. The Winnie the Pooh Explore & Learn Table teaches letters, numbers, shapes and animals.

Product Description
Oh bother! Busy babies will love the bustling fun waiting for them on the Winnie the Pooh Explore 'n Learn Table. There¿s a spinning honeybee, bouncing Tigger, sliding Eeyore, a jolly movable Pooh and five light-up buttons. Set up as a table or place flat on the floor to enhance fine motor skills. The Winnie the Pooh Explore & Learn Table teaches letters, numbers, shapes and animals.
It's in very good condition. Nothing is broken, All light and sound function perfectly.

vsmile 1

good condition. with 1 game and adapter


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vtech Alphabet Desk 2

It's in very very good condition.

Big and very clear. Your child will love this. Tak payah marah-marah nak ajar. Biar anak belajar sendiri......

Get to know the alphabet!
Get to know the alphabet in a bright and friendly way with the Alphabet Desk! Turn the chunky dial round to choose one of the eight fun-filled activities that teach as they entertain. Learn all about the alphabet, letter names, phonics and words with fun games and challenges! Bright easy push buttons bring the alphabet to life with talking, sounds, music and pictures. Play a game, explore the alphabet or listed to one of the many upbeat tunes, your personalised Alphabet Desk is here to fill your day!
Parent-Friendly Features:
2 volumes settings for quieter playtime
Automatic shut-off preserves battery life
Chunky, sturdy design is easy for children to use by themselves

Letter Buttons show letters, words and pictures and play music too!
Activity Selector Dial - clearly shows which of the 8 engaging activities you’ve chosen to play
Carry Handle is easy to grip for learning on the go
Name Plate has space for you to personalise your very own Alphabet Desk

Chunky, easy push buttons with lower case letters of the alphabet, a picture of something beginning with that sound and a written word, and the vowels are a different colour to the rest of the letters and a repeat button.

There are 8 different activities -
learn the letters - gives the letter name and sound when they press a button.
finding letters - children are asked to find the letter and encouraged to try again if they pick the wrong letter.
mystery letter - children are encouraged to place letters in the alphabet - quite difficult.
words - children press a letter and hear a word, which is then sounded out phonetically.
treasure hunt - children are asked to find the word written with each letter by using the first letter sound.
spelling - children encouraged to spell out small words.
music box - plays a tune for each letter button.
composer - children can create their own tunes which is stored in the memory for them to play back.

Rewards every correct answer and gives encouragement when things get difficult.

Price : RM64.90

Follower : 59.00 only

Status : 2 Available

Fisher-Price: Rainforest Roller Piano

Let your baby experience the joy of making music with this Rainforest Rainbow Piano that features colorful keys that are easy to bat and roll. Smiling rainforest characters add to the musical fun, and a convenient carry handle lets you take it anywhere! The piano helps develop hand-eye coordination while teaching your baby about cause and effect.Recommended Age: 3 months and up
Look new. Retail is at RM99.90

Friday, February 5, 2010

Book is in very good condition.
Price : RM36.00
Follower : RM29.90 only
Status : Sold, thank you